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Judaism has the most common events as the Christian bible. The Christian bible talks about how God made the earth in 6 days, the Garden of Eden, the Great Flood can be traced back to the Pentateuch. This is the “five books of Moses that appear at the beginning of the Tanakh.”The Jewish people believe this is the true word of God.Their books tell of a Garden of Eden with animals, food and the creation of Adam and Eve. They only have one God called Yahweh in english means Jehovah. He is the only God according to Jewish and Christian beliefs. I would say that Christian adopted many of their beliefs from the Jewish religion.
The Bible is a book of many scriptures that can be read and explained by different people. I think some religions use their own way of teaching the Bible. They teach their version of the books to their church. Some may be right or wrong.Is there a religion that is right? We all believe we were put on earth by something. Some people believe it was God and others believe we came from the apes. How do we know where we came from or who put us here? I think when you read the Bible it is scary how accurate in history. The events that are happening in our world today. The world is getting more violent and we are seeing more famine. There are more natural floods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The book of Revelations talks about God cleaning the Earth with Natural disasters. Could we be living in the end of days?

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Respond to this post / Agree or Disagree and comment
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