I have chosen the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The whole community is affected and has been affected for a long time.  The issue is problematic due to the fact that people, especially children drink and bath in the water daily.  To some it might not be as important but it is an issue that even though it has made national news it has not  yet been fixed.  We do have some reasonable people who would definitely agree that something should be done other than talk about pipes being fixed.  I believe that was said just to sugar coat the issue.  I’m pretty sure with the crisis there are some people who would find something negative about the issue.

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With this crisis it needs more focus just as lead poisoning and everything else in the water, people have become sick and little children suffer the most.  I feel that its enough to understand from the initial broadcast of it.  It interest me personally because I have children who drinks and bathe in water daily. Fortunately, I don’t live in the Flint area but I still have the same concern as if I did, it’s sad when you can’t even take a bath without rashes or anything forming on your body trying to stay clean.  It can be fixed if the right people would run the city.


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