The keywords I used in my google search were Education in South Carolina, Current educational issues in South Carolina, Why are South Carolina Schools so bad, Lack of education in South Carolina and Education issues in South Carolina. The keywords that seemed to yield the best results were “Current educational issues in South Carolina”. I was able to find a lot of different sources that consist of news articles and educational blogs. It’s pretty hard to find scholarly journals or government sites that will speak on the lack of education in South Carolina . One of the sources I found in my search that stood out to be the strongest to me was Even though it is a news article the author brought up some useful and interesting information for my topic about the lack of education in South Carolina. The article is entitled “Better pay isn’t the only way to slow SC teacher drain, but it’s probably the easiest.”  This article seems to be the strongest source for me to start out with my research paper because the author brought up some good points about SC teachers. She points out the lack of pay of course but also the lack of support, resources and most of all respect. Our teachers deal with a lot and can affect the way they are teaching our children of the future. One point of the article that stood out to me was when the author suggested that. “We have to recognize that the best way to make sure children get a decent education even if their parents don’t care about their education give them a good teacher. And we have to acknowledge that we’re not going to attract and keep those good teachers unless we value them” (Scoppe,2018)

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