Research Questions

Guideline answer in bullet points

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Research Questions
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, shape,






Describe source and natural habitat, 



means and modes of dispersion and spread. 

Estimate limits of influence, agents or causes that test boundaries of transmission and reception. 

If there are particular characteristics that differentiate your specimens, create categories for them and consider how those categories implicate the other specimens you have chosen.

1. What are in your opinion the most important physical characteristics and functions of your specimens? How do these compliment, contrast, or implicate each-other?

2. Can you describe how your specimens influence their environments? Are they resilient? How do they transform themselves throughout their cycles?

3. Challenge yourself to explain the important characteristic of your choices? Do these same characteristics allow for metaphorical or conceptual inspiration?

4. Do your specimens exist in certain zones of the world (or beyond) and if so, what can you learn about their reach and influence? 

5. How do your specimens spread and influence their environments?

6. Can you translate the functions of your specimens into materiality selections. How?

7. If your specimens are beautiful or ugly, in your opinion, how do you describe the relationship of function to aesthetics?

Useful Websites!etd.send_file?accession=kent1398095576&disposition=inline

  1. Pods – Indian Paintbrush seeds or Lamourouxia viscosa seeds or purple fox glove seeds – answer questions in the guidelines about its bullet points. Add pictures in different stages – Add diagrams
  2. Pods – Ravenala Madagascariensis is also known as Travelers Palm – answer questions in the guidelines about its bullet points. – add pictures in different stages. Add diagrams


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