Research Problem

Project C: Research Problem

Project C will address HOW you plan to go about answering your research question (research methodology). Project C should include an extensive discussion of the research methodology that you intend to use to study your topic. You will design a study that would allow you to test your hypothesis. For some projects, a quantitative design (i.e. survey) is the best choice while for other projects, a qualitative approach (i.e. interviews) is more appropriate; some projects may incorporate a mixed methodological approach. In particular, you should describe the sample; including why you selected this sampling strategy and how you will generate your sample.

Project C Instructions

Discuss possible sources of bias in your sample. Describe any problems that you may encounter in your design or procedures. In this project, you also need to outline the measures you will include in your research design. How will you measure your variables? A discussion of validity, reliability, and limitations should be included. This project will be about five to seven pages and should include:

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Research Problem
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  • Who are you studying? (sample)
  • When are you studying? (time frame)
  • Where are you studying? (police department, courts, prison, college)
  • How will you collect the data? (survey, field research, secondary data)
  • What are some limitations/complications? (problems, ethical issues)


Topic: Ineffectiveness of Capital Punishment


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