Research paper thesis and annotated bibliography

Write the thesis and annotated bibliography on the same page. Label them separately.

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Research paper thesis and annotated bibliography
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Part 1 – Research Paper Thesis Statement:  Your thesis will change during the writing process. The thesis may be more than one sentence, but it shouldn’t be an entire paragraph. 

Don’t confuse the thesis with the introduction! Concisely express the one main point without adding background information or introductory techniques.

Part 2 – Research Paper Annotated Bibliography:  Complete the following steps for the annotated bibliography:

Develop an evaluative annotated bibliography of three references. Don’t use very informal sources like Wikipedia,, etc.

An annotation for this course is a paragraph about the source. (There are other types of annotations as you know from this week’s reading assignment.) 

Write a paragraph using at least five sentences to discuss each of the three sources.

Briefly summarize the article or other source and then discuss how you may decide to integrate the information into your report.

Write the APA References Page citation above each of the three paragraphs: (1) Citation for source closest to A with paragraph underneath, (2) Citation with source in the middle of the alphabet with paragraph underneath, and (3) Citation for source closet to Z with paragraph underneath.

Alphabetize your sources according to the last name of the author if available. Follow the APA guidelines for alphabetizing.

This is a working thesis and annotated bibliography. It will change as you work on the research project.  You aren’t required to use this version of the thesis or these sources. 


You don’t need the formal APA title page for this assignment.

Before you type the following first four lines in the left corner of the page, set up the entire document for double spacing. Change the before-after paragraph settings to zero and the font to Size 12 Times New Roman. 

Your name

Professor Linda Brender

Name of the course

International format for the date :  15 November 2018

Do not put this information in the header.


Use the most readable font: size 12 Times New Roman black, unbolded font. It is standard for academic assignments. Don’t use Calibri 11.


Double-space the entire essay. Your before-and-after paragraph settings must be set to zero (not auto, 10, 8, etc.).


Use one-inch margins on all sides.


Indent one-half inch for paragraphs.


Center a descriptive and/or creative title above the first line of the assignment.


Do not use any bolding, italics, or quotation marks for your own title.


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