Research Paper Outline Due at 11:59PM 7/18/2020

 In my Composition II class I have to write an outline for a research paper on a problem or concern in the world. I chose to write about tobacco use. Let me know if you are willing to take on this assignment. Below are the details for the outline.

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Research Paper Outline Due at 11:59PM 7/18/2020
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  • . Create 1 original post with your “working” thesis statement/statement of the problem and full outline.  Students may attach a Word document or embed the thesis statement and outline in their post. 

Include the following in the Discussion post:

  • Introduction (this could be from your annotated bib or simply a few new sentences) leading to a thesis statement or statement of the problem  (bold and underline the thesis statement/statement of the problem) 
  • List of the Body Paragraphs for your research paper. For each body paragraph, include the following 

    • a topic sentence or (at least) the topic of the paragraph
    • the evidence you’ll use or need  to support the ideas in the paragraph
    • If you don’t have the source yet, note what you still need to  research. (Some of this information may change as you write, but this  step will help you see how your final paper will “hang together.”)
  • Conclusion What are you aiming for (at this point? What’s the “take away” for your reader? What’s “the big so what?”


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