Research paper on topic: Financial Services – Cyber Safety

Contents should cover below with abstract, conclusion following APA standards with minimum of 15 pages (excluding references, table of contents and pages with big diagrams). Should have 5 scholarly references at minimum. Shout meet turnitin plagarism checks.
– What is Critical Infrastructure mean and why financial services is a critical infrastrucre
– What dependencies does financial services has with other critical infrastructure and how they are handled in financial services
– Cyber security processes, regulations followed by financial services and what are common organizations that does assesments?
– What are processes followed by financial services to be secured
– How does below elements impact Financial services from cyber security perspective
– What are common cyber threats faced by financial services and how financial services combat them? What are common vulnerabilities of financial services?
– What are future cyber threats to financial services, how does financial services should be prepared for the combat?
– Does financial services face a cyberwar in future?

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Research paper on topic: Financial Services – Cyber Safety
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