Research paper and Presentation Cyber Security

 write a paper and develop a PowerPoint presentation on Social Engineering . The final report should be 10-12 pages, 12 font size, 1” margins, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc. Follow the current APA format guide for your report. Use spell check, grammar check, etc. to make sure that your report is written in professional form with no keyboarding or grammatical errors. No abstract is required. However, a cover page and a reference page are required. Make sure the cover page and reference page are also in current APA format. 

Your project paper will be assessed as follows: 
• Is the paper of optimal length?
 • Is the paper well organized? 
• Is the paper clear and concise? 
• Is the title appropriate 
• Are individual ideas assimilated well? 
• Are wording, punctuation, etc. correct? 
• Is the paper formatted correctly? 
• Is the paper well motivated? 
• Is an interesting problem/issue addressed? 
• Is knowledge of the area demonstrated? 
• Use of diagrams or other graphics? 
• Have all key references been cited? 
• Are conclusions valid and appropriate? 

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Research paper and Presentation Cyber Security
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You will need to develop a PowerPoint presentation to summarize your final report. Use transition and animation in your slides. Ten to twenty slides are required to highlight your project.  


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