Research paper 3

Length: ~2250-3000-words

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Research paper 3
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Formatting/Citations: MLA or Chicago


Must be grounded in any one text or series of texts discussed in LCS-456. This includes Hamid – Exit West, Knausgaard – Book 1 , Ferrante – My brillant friend part one , Wallace Infinite Jest, “The Rise and Fall of the Videophone”, Weinstein – The Cartographers or Moksha, Brooker – Fifteen Million Merits, Bois –  17776, Saunders – Lincoln in the Bardo, and Reed – S-Town. Your research topic, while grounded in any assigned LCS-456 text(s), can address any researchable component of the above texts and their larger literary, technological, political, and/or cultural implications.


1. Frame the scope, stakes, and terms of research

2. Situate the text/author/movement/medium of focus within a larger body of research and scholarly discussion

3. Situate your own argument(s) and evaluation(s) within said scholarly discussion

4. Frame the broader implications of your contributions outside academic circles

STAGE 1: Preliminary research and brainstorming

STAGE 2: Developing a research question and thesis 

STAGE 3: Doing the research 

STAGE 4: Writing the paper

STAGE 5: Revisions


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