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reply 1 maheshwari

If I was manufacture fertility drugs, I would facilitate data because of the release of the study results. This is a radical change in a satisfactory direction to promote responsibility, which is helpful for the creation of the product and cultural values. I believe that patients should be known once the study is complete since the patients are very grateful for the information even if a study is undesirable or not (Rizzuto et al., 2019).

Fertility drugs may precisely intensify the danger of borderline ovarian cancer. The fertility drugs encourage growth in prevailing indolent tumors. For instance gonadotropins, HCG, progesterone, FSH, and LH, have been known as growth factors in ovarian cancer which consequently increases the chances. Fertility drugs, therefore, relate to an upsurge in ovarian cancer hazard because they can lead to a gain in LH and FSH levels, and rouse ovulation (Reigstad et al., 2017).  Moreover, women who continue to be childless have less threat than women conceiving after fertility treatment when they use fertility drugs.

In making this decision two basic ethical principles are involved. Firstly, is the ancient Hippocratic Oath. It entails ensuring ensure what is best for the patient. Secondly is the current idea of patient autonomy which entails the right of the patient to have complete regulation over everything done on her body. One interpretation of the second code into applied decision making should be exemplified in the perception of informed consensus, a medico lawful term for an agreement by which a patient admits that she has been informed as to the type and the risks of any potential fertility treatment and gives accord to that treatment. Written consent is presently used almost completely for research studies or hostile procedures. Approval by a patient for fertility treatment, though, suggests conversant consent (Rizzuto et al., 2019). To sum up, further studies is necessary to come up with clear evidence on the effect of fertility drugs and ovarian cancer among the females.  Evaluating ovarian cancer risk in women continuing to be childless afterwards, and threats related with increasing doses of fertility drugs is significant.

reply 2  jagadesh achanta

In recent years the relationship between productive strategies, infertility, and the risk of getting gynecological cancer have for years arouse interest. Several side effects have recently been associated with the treatment of infertility that includes the development of cancer (Federica 2014). Despite the high risk of exposing women to ovarian cancer by consumption of fertility drug manufacturers continue to produce these harmful drugs. This paper addresses the issue of why it is important for drug manufactures to voluntarily disclose information on the adverse effects of fertility drug consumers.

According to the study that was conducted by Stanford University medical research team on the correlation between the use of fertility drugs and ovarian cancer, they concluded that Pergonal and Serophene drugs may increase the risk of getting ovarian cancer by three-times. As such, manufactures need to inform consumers about the effects of drugs. This is because it enables consumers to make an informed decision on whether to consume the drug or not. It does not matter if the consumer may or may not get adverse effects depending on their body. The effect and the cost of treating cancer are more compared to the price of the drug (Federica 2014). Additionally, consumers are interested in having good health and it’s not a must that one controls infertility using these two drugs which can have a negative side effect of risking an individual to cancer.

When a manufacturer informs a consumer on the side effects of consuming their drugs and the drugs affect them, consumers should not blame the drug manufacturer because they were informed about the side effects they may face (Roberta 2012). Consumers would feel neglected by the government because of allowing manufacturers to produce commodities that have an adverse effect on their bodies and they are aware of it.  As such, some would go to courts to seek compensation from the manufacture for producing harmful commodities for their customers. To avoid such risks and losses it is thus very important for manufacturers to inform consumers about the side effects of drugs so that they can make an informed decision about consuming them.


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