Reflective Essay

In a 600-word reflective essay, assess your development as a writer AND evaluate the writing and learning you have done
· To reflect on the work and the writing you have done.
· To introduce your readers to your work. 
read through the work you have done, reflecting on how you worked to achieve those outcomes.  As you read, you may want to jot down responses to these questions to generate content for the essay:
· What is your reaction to the writing you’ve done (quantity, quality, variety)? What do you think has led to this reaction? Find examples.
· What are your strengths as a writer? Find examples from your papers.
· What do you still need to improve on? Find examples from your papers.
· Have your writing processes changed after your essays? Examples?
· What revisions have you done to your papers and why? Were they in response to peer review? Other readers? Instructor comments? Examples?
· Has your attitude toward yourself as a writer changed? How?
· Where will you go next in your development as a writer?
· What other observations or comments do you want to make about the work you have done or about yourself as a writer?
You do not have to answer all of these questions in your essay, but it may help to think about these kinds of things as you compose it. Your essay should be focused and well-developed, and it should refer directly examples from your writing and work.

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