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A Diary System In our team we have a duty Rota. The details of which are entered and used in a diary system each person is scheduled in for a day of duty on a rotational basis. I enter this into an outlook diary/calendar every 6 months. Have to check individual personal diaries flirt to check that the dates I enter for them do not clash with appointments that they already have booked in, also taking into account annual leave.

Once I know what prior appointments or annual leave people have booked I then add people’s names to the diary on a rotational basis trying my best not to give people too many duty days close together. This allows them to have space between duty days as they will have their own work to complete too and I have to be mindful of this. Once all the days have been filled and there is a person scheduled for duty every working day Monday-Friday I send an email out to the team to ask them to check the duty diary and make a note of these dates in their own personal diaries and calendars and to also let me know If any dates are unsuitable. Then sometimes contacted to make swaps and changes due to commitments that I was not aware of. If this is done early enough then I would be able to swap people about within the diary. After a certain time passes and I Judge that changes cannot be made by myself because It would conflict with peoples schedules I ask individuals to speak to colleagues and swap days. I am then informed of these swaps and update the diary accordingly. Nearing the end of the 6 months that I have scheduled In the diary I begin the recess again for the next 6 months.

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Reflective Account
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