Reflection Paper on New Testament’s Fulfillment of Some Promises

In fulfillment of prophesies in the Old Testament, Jesus demonstrated the divine execution of some physically expected events. One would need to understand that prophesies were actually not perfectly fulfilled only if a cross examination is done with a normal human scope of reasoning. These things are basically for those who have an in-depth insight into the divinity of supernatural. For example, the search for a home is a placement for dominance of Jesus messages in the heart and thoughts of men to always act and conduct themselves according to the principles of the father.
This is further exemplified in the disciples’ behavior in Antioch when their characters were termed Christ-like. In the fulfillment of a search for a physical home, it is expected that the chasing away of the marketers from the temple would precede the establishment of a home. I think the scripture equally emphasized that the son of man has no place to lay his head even while birds do. It is the preparation for a temple devoid of corrupt market practices, theft and other unholy events. The temple is meant for believers to come around and observe the Sabbath routine, to read the books of the law in order to bring men to God the more.
Truly Jesus had no home, preaching of gospel from place to place, wandering from town to town, preaching the kingdom of God and the readiness of men for his second coming after crucification and resurrection. Jesus is not of this world, he came on assignment. I think he clamors to recruit men to believe in the Kingdom of God. He finds rest or fulfillment in seeing teaming number of people believe through the demonstration of great miracles and healings of diseases. He stressed that believers are those who keep his words, these ones he called his people. Since one finds home among his people, it means irrespective of physical homelessness, one is secured within a virtual home among his followers.

When Jesus said he would reconstruct the works of years in three days this raised a lot of troubles in their mind and courageously they asked how this would be possible. Though Jesus believed that only sign and wonder could make them believe, he placed more emphasis on the divine by further preaching the summary resurrection after three days of death from the sinful nature of man. The death signified the purification of believers and the reconciliation to God. I think he eschewed the physical explanation since that was not his focus and also to further enrich them with wonders that initiated deep thirst for more conviction on him being the Son of man. Thus, after his resurrection, the disciples remembered the statement of building the temple within three days.
This does not only led to strengthening of their faith, they also go all out preaching the good news of what the strongly believe in, even to the point of death. Concerning the relationship between humanity and God, humans are expected to reason in the divine as only this can make man comprehend the scripture. There is a need for reconciliation of human’s blemish flesh to God to ease communication flow at every junction of our life when we need God. His death body on the cross has done this but only for the believers that have permitted Jesus to have a place in their hearts.
Jesus changed the destiny of the worlds through his rising (resurrection) from death in addition to signs and wonders performed. When the believers confirmed the prophesies that had gone ahead of the event with the actual event taking place at ages interval, believing is no more an insecurity issue for deep thinking ones. The persuasive gospel of eye witnesses who were his disciples and later became the Apostles is sufficient to re-oriented the destiny of the world in preparation for the coming end – the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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Reflection Paper on New Testament’s Fulfillment of Some Promises
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