Reflection Paper No

What is the philosophy in your life? Explain the meaning. How did you arrive on that philosophy in your life? How will you apply in this philosophy in your everyday life? Everyone has philosophy in his or her life. In identifying and knowing the philosophy of every person’s philosophy in life it could show the identity the personality and the characteristics of a certain person.
But how about mine? What is the philosophy in my life? My philosophy in life is, “Success is tampered with the harsh realities in life. As look and re-read my philosophy in life is that it looks very simple, it is understandable, but the meaning of the philosophy in my life is not simple, it is not just as easy as that are being written and be read.
I said this because the meaning of my philosophy is this, there is no victory unless a person will tackle and will experienced the bad and the wicked things that will give the person’s life the downfall, but looking back to the realities that corresponds the real meaning f life is that there are the things that will make you feel worse, that even there will be a time that you will hate your life, and because of that it will result to the discouragement of achieving your ambitions, or your goals that will represent as the successes in life, it will also affect because discouragement will interrupt in getting on it, but as the others are telling that because of these trials, it will ensure that you have colors in life, that there is the meaning in your life. So instead of looking these trials as a problem, it is otter to say that, these problems gives me strength and use it , and make myself up and surely because of these it is surely because of the learning from the problems, it will help as a tool in achieving ones person achievement.

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Reflection Paper No
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