Reflection on Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

For your final assignment for this class, you will reflect on your writing experiences in 108.   

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Reflection on Writing Strengths and Weaknesses
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This essay will serve as your final exam for the class, so you are expected to complete this 

assignment on your own. I will not collect rough drafts, and we will not conduct peer review.  


You must include all of the following:

A discussion of the most important things you learned in this class and why you consider 

them important

A discussion of two ways in which your writing has improved over the semester and why

A discussion of one area where you still have some trouble and how you might work on 

improving it in the future in your ongoing development as a college writer

You should use specific examples from activities or assignments we did in class, the first four 

projects, the presentation, and/or any other writing activities you have done for the class to 

illustrate your points.

I will be looking for a clear introduction with a thesis, a conclusion that ties all of the ideas 

together, logical organization of ideas, topic sentences that introduce each paragraph, and 

smooth transitions between ideas. Your use of supporting details matters as well. Make 

sure that you do not just create a list of things you did this semester. You should constantly 

be answering the question “Why?”.


Minimum 500 words


12 point font

1 inch margins

Times New Roman

Last name and page number in upper right hand corner of header

Heading with names, class, due date in left hand corner

Name your file like you did for other essays in the course:

e.g. Assignment5_FinalEssay_YizhouZhang_108EE



Due Date:

The First draft is due next Monday, 5/7 (this time your first draft doesn’t have to be complete, 

but at least you need to have an outline for your essay). Please upload it to our Canvas by 8 AM 

that day, and we will do a self-assessment in class. Final Essays are due in the Assignment folder 

on our Canvas by 8:00 AM on Monday, 5/14.  

Late papers and papers submitted by email 

will receive a 0. 

Double-check to make sure that your essay is actually posted. You may post 

early if you want. 


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