Reflection Essay on Nursing and media

There has been a big interest in the study of popular images of nurses and nursing. Writers have been focused on images of nurses on television, in cinema, in news coverage, and elsewhere. Most of the time, public beliefs of the nursing are shaped by the Images people see on TV. The Stereotypical view of nurses as working only In acute-care, high technology area often portrayed In the media makes It very difficult to provide the different view of nurses working within the community. In reality, stereotypical views of nursing have a negative impact even on nurses who practice in acute care hospitals.
Not too many understand that the nurse is there to save patients lives . Most of public see nurses as sweet, kind, attentive and willing to talk, but not especially critical to the effort to rescue them from medical errors and injuries. (Derbyshire & Gordon, n. D. ) We can see fictional portrayals of nurses, for instance “Scrubs” sitcom. The show character nurse Carla. She is often portrayed as strong and competent. She is the only major character on this show I would describe as normal. In one of the episodes a surgeon comments “Idiot can be a nurse”, and of course, the show instantly has
Carla express her disagreement, but It does not disapprove what a surgeon has said. The other show, Grey s Anatomy portrays nurses In offensive way most of the time. I don’t see much respect doctor”enter to the nurses, they don’t call them by their names, they yell “Nurse! ” At the end, the hospital finally gave nurses the upper hand. “Nursing has become more complex in ways that could not have been imaging a generation ago.

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Reflection Essay on Nursing and media
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