Reflection: A visual description

Reflection: A visual description
In this assignment you will describe and interpret a cathedral portal and will write a interpretative answer addressing the following:

How do the different parts of this portal link together into a whole, and how have the parts been visually balanced?
Note the figures and their positions, details of costume, and the material of the portal.
How has the artist indicated the patron saint of this church?

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Reflection: A visual description
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Look carefully at the images included in the Assignment Gothic (CLICK HERE to open PDF).
Unlike previous reflection assignments you are NOT required to conduct a research rather I would like  you  to look carefully and provide a description based on your own observations. You can use some terms as found in the links or in your readings. However, use MLA STYLE if you want to cite a source in  support of a point your are trying to make.  You can review the links listed under resources to research Gothic art and architecture. Internet searches for images is not necessary indeed it would be counterproductive since the aim of the exercise is to help you improve your to refine you and analytical and writing skills. 300 to 350 words minimum.


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