Reengineering the Course Enrollment Process

Consider Strayer University’s current process of enrolling for courses through the use of the Web. Suppose that the University has contracted you to reengineer the enrollment process that considers the Web and other modes of input. The expectation is that you will gather information from current system users, analyze the collected data, propose a solution, and provide a requirements document.
Assume that your professor has been tasked by the University to be the stakeholder for the reengineering of the enrollment process. Assume further that you are the analyst that will propose and document the system-as-is and system-to-be. A discussion thread has been setup by your professor so that you will post questions for the professor as the stakeholder for questions pertaining to this project.


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Reengineering the Course Enrollment Process
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Propose how you would model the system behavior to show suggested changes to the current process. Defend why you chose the model that you did to show the suggested changes.
Propose how you would:

perform a risk analysis on the reengineered process.
identify obstacles to the reengineered process.
evaluate obstacles to the reengineered process.

Create a graphical depiction of the parts of the enrollment process system-as-is and another graphical depiction of the enrollment process system-to-be that you would reengineer using Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.


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