Recycling Letter

Mr. Smith: Thank you for presenting this recycling opportunity of business to the Owl Recycling Factory. The recycling and reusing of materials such as the ones that you have brought to our attention reduce pollution for our environment every day. There is a slight problem, however, with the state in which your materials will be given to us. Owl Recycling Company must first separate different substances from one another before sending them out to be reused.
Since the four materials in your dump truck are ground into a fine powder, the Owl Recycling Company will need to carry out a procedure other than what we normally would use to separate them. As you know, the materials included aluminum soda cans, steel cans, milk jugs, and soda bottles. We fortunately have many useful tools in our factory such as a conveyor belt, a large tank filled with water, another tanks with sugar water, powerful magnets, and nets to skim our tanks. I would like to propose to you our plan to separate your recyclable powder mixture.
Due to the materials being on your property, we need your OK on our plan before we can begin our recycling work. Our plan is as follows: First of all, as the items are going down the conveyor belt, the magnets hanging above with attract all of the steel products. With those out of the way, we will be left with the aluminum, the milk jugs, and the soda bottles. The next step would be to put the remaining materials into the tank filled with sugar water. The sugar water has a density of 1. 5 g/cm^3, the soda bottles have a density of 1. g/cm^3, and the milk jugs have a density of . 95 g/cm^3. This means that these items would float and could be skimmed out by the nets. The remaining material, the aluminum cans (with a density of 2. 7 g/cm^3), would be left behind at the bottom because they are more dense than the sugar water. The skimmed out materials would then be placed into the tank filled with regular water. The density of water is 1 g. cm^3. The soda bottles would sink and the milk jugs would float and be able to be skimmed out by the nets.

After these steps, all four materials would be successfully separated. The density of these products are a vital role in the separation of these materials. If a object or particle is more dense than the liquid it is placed in the item will sink, while if the object is less dense the item will float. This is how the water and the sugar water can help separate the materials remaining after the use of the magnets. We hope that you will accept our plan for separating your recyclable materials. Thank you for doing business with us to help preserve our environment.
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Recycling Letter
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