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Major Discussion Post:

Prepare and post a response to the topic below using ALL required guidelines.  Please read the main instructions on the top of the Discussion Board to make sure your post satisfies all requirements. Your response must be meaningful and well thought through. Spelling and punctuation errors are not acceptable.

“Good Morning, class.  Today, we are going to apply what we have learned about operations on rational numbers to adjusting a recipe.  We are going to make some cherry punch!  The recipe shown on the board says that   cup of sugar will make 1 gallon of punch.  We have 2 cups of sugar in this bowl.  We are going to decide how much punch we can make with 2 cups of sugar.”  About half-way through the lesson and hands-on activity, Jamal raises his hand and is confused about when to use addition, multiplication, and division with this problem and any problems he might have to do on his own.

Your discussion post must include a complete lesson on making the cherry punch and should include several examples to help with understanding.  Within the lesson, describe how you will allow for feedback, address Jamal and the rest of the class, check for understanding during the lesson, assess student progress while learning, and how you will reteach the lesson to those students having difficulty with understanding.  Feel free to use role play, including responses from other students and how you will address those.


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