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Read this summary and You can either start a topic of your own on the discussion.

anther things 

Read this discussion and do you agree or disagree  with it. 

It is not unexpected that Marjane Satrapi became rebellious by the time she was a young teenager. Many events that she had experienced throughout her childhood were traumatic and therefore influenced her development as she grew older. However, there were also some positive influences that would have impacted Marji’s growth during this time. When she was a young girl, Shah came to power, the revolution began and people were dying because of it. Marji knows this and turns to her imaginary friend that she believes is God, for comfort. Furthermore, I think that Marji’s uncle Anoosh had a major positive impact on her growth. At first, Marji learns that he is being held captive because he had become Marxist and gotten married, which was against the rule of Shah. Anoosh was brave enough to stick up for himself and pursue what made him happy, even though the consequences were much worse. When Marji goes to visit him in prison, he tell her that she is the daughter that he wishes he could have had. This must have had an impact on Marji’s young mind. Later on, Anoosh gets accused of being a Russian spy and is killed. Although this must have been hard for Marji to deal with, I truly think that it is what inspired her to be the outspoken woman that she would be come. From then on in the movie, Marji is known for always speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes in, regardless of the consequences, just like her uncle. 


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