Rango Film

Directions: Respond in complete sentences, using transitional words to connect idea and the film as supporting sources.

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Rango Film
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1.      1. Describe the effects of color and its effect on the viewer in the Film “RANGO” by giving two examples.    Example: 1   __________   

Example (2) ___________


2.      2. Define trademark colors.  Did trademark colors in “RANGO” help us understand the personality of any character? ____________   Explain


3.      3. In the film “RANGO”, explain any obvious changes in color used as transitional divices____


4. Explain the importance of atmosphere color in th/.;/.lo;p’/;.e film “RANGO”._________ 


1.      5. Define a saturated color in your own words. In the Film “RANGO” give two examples of saturated colors.    Example:     (1)  __________   

Example (2) ___________


2.      6. Define a desaturated color or mute colors.  Give one example of a desaturated color in the film “Rango”.____________   Explain


3.      7. In the film “RANGO”, explain any atmospheric colors used to influence the viewer. ____   



4.      8. Explain the impression or feeling of temperature that color convey in the film “RANGO”._________


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