Raising Resilient Children

Another point he article makes is that by raising resilient children, they tend to be more self- efficient, resulting In future success as a teenager and an adult(Wade). Relation to Textbook There is a section in the textbook titled “The Wellsprings of Resilience”. It states children who have been beaten, neglected, or constantly subjected to verbal or physical abuse by their parents are more likely than other children to have emotional problems, become delinquent and violent, commit crimes, drop out of school, develop mental disorders such as depression, and develop chronic stress-related illnesses.
It goes on to conclude that most children are surprisingly resilient, eventually overcoming drastic effects of having an abusive parent or even being sexually molested. These situations are extremely devastating, but don’t happen In everyone life, but if a child was molested, even they can heal from that wound by being rescued by love. The book emphasizes the most significant reason for the resilience of children, is that we are all constantly interpreting our experiences. Whether we want to remain prisoners of childhood, or be enlightened by the possibilities of adulthood, IS a choice that ;s Vital.
Child development research RAISING RESILIENT CHILDREN 3 does suggest certain overall guidelines to help parents teach children to be confident, considerate, and helpful: set high expectations that are appropriate to the child’s age and temperament, and teach the child how to meet them, explain why the parent has applied a rule, encourage empathy, and notice, approve of, and reward good behavior(Camps). Relates to My World I chose this article because I can definitely relate to It. My mother raised me alone cause my dad left when I was a little girl.

I remember In my childhood she always made sure that I was growing up to be an emotionally strong person. When I wanted to get myself dressed with no help, my mom would let me because she wanted me to learn the responsibility of dressing myself. She also let me be Ms. Bossy basically. The practices she taught me and wanted me to really grasp during my childhood has positively affected me as a teenager and a young adult. I do not plan to have children anytime soon, but I do completely agree that children need to be resilient. It really evolves their stronghold on life.
Having a strong head on your shoulders is essential for getting through the tough tribulations and trials life throws at you. This article hits the head on the hammer. I truly appreciate the Information I have gotten from It. Ask Questions 1 OFF I Nils article sat arts out Walt a parent slang “How can we Keep two Solos inanely Ana merry, I thought, in a world that can seem as precarious as the one we live in now? ” As I continued to read the article, I began asking myself how creditable these experts are and what are they really trying to accomplish.
This article does not mention the hardships of raising children, and does not address how difficult it can be to do so. It Just states that if a parent uses these specific strategies when raising their children, the child will be emotionally stable, which is not always the case. Sometimes other things can interfere. Avoid Emotional Reasoning This article begins to go in detail about the parent wanting to solve the child’s problems, sometimes blocking the logical thing to do, which is to let the child learn from their mistakes, and develop self-responsibility.
Don’t Oversimplify The article gives off an either/or thinking, with it being either you practice these guidelines or your children will grow up unemotionally stable. RAISING RESILIENT 5 Consider Other Interpretations This article does not give the opposite side of being resilient, so who is to say that these experts are correct, and know what they are talking about. Tolerate Uncertainty This article does not involve certainty of a sure situation. It Just simply states some things a parent can do to raise their child to be emotionally intact.

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Raising Resilient Children
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