quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal

6A 6110 Week 6 Assignment How to Complete the Assignment 

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quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal
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Identify a quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal 

Identify the research as: experimental, quasi-experimental, causal comparative, correlational, or pretest–posttest 

Write the reference list entry for the article followed by a three-paragraph annotation that includes:

The journal is attached below !!

Paragraph 1 – A summary that:

Identifies the topic, research methodology, theoretical basis or the research, and conclusions from the research

ex. Randi, this is a good description of the study but we really want to know if the authors addressed the key elements of a quantitative research study; to do so you should also discuss the following: research methodology, theoretical basis or the research, research question, appropriateness of the sample size, study limitations and generalizability of the research.  

Paragraph 2- An analysis that:

Identifies the research question 

Critiques and explains the article as an original contribution to the body of knowledge

Critiques and explains the theoretical framework as adequate and/or appropriate

Critique and explain the appropriateness of the sample and sample size

States the study limitations 

States generalizability of the research

Critiques the conclusions in the context of the results

Paragraph -3 An application as illustrated in this example

The example annotation below includes the citation, a summary in the first paragraph, the critique/analysis in the second paragraph, and the application in the third paragraph.


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