Qualities That Are Important for a Successful Teacher

1. makes the course interesting; 2. teaches good pronunciation; 3. explains clearly; 4. speaks good English; 5. shows equal interest in all students; 6. encourages student participation; 7. shows great patience. One of the most important aspects of a successful learning environment is the rapport a teacher has with her students. Establishing this rapport is probably one of the hardest things to teach, as it very much depends on individual personality and teaching style, but with some effort can be the key to success in language learning.
Working with children for example is a very demanding job as it requires a lot of patience and creativity. Being energetic and full of ideas and the children motivated throughout classes isnt necessarily easy especially when English is not their mother’s tongue. I also use the whiteboard to highlight the topics we are discussing and end up brainstorming our entire class thereafter. Although having said that, i think its very important to be patient (which i must admit can be nerve wrecking) and encourage the kids to speak up. Some of them are either very shy or worried that they may be judged incorrectly.
I normally tell my little ones that it doesnt matter if they make a mistake, as long at theyre trying and practise makes perfect. I find pop up quizzes and challenges seem to encourage them all the more. Funny enough, the competition amongst one another, seems to motivate them to focus more. Outgoing Working abroad in some cases can be painfully lonely, especially if you are working in somewhere isolated, or in a country where the language is very different to our own. Adaptable You might be immersed in a totally different culture Positive attitude: The tight a teacher through anything without negavatively impacting students.

High expectations: Letting students achieve your level of expectations thereby gfiving them a boost in confidence which will help students learn and achieve more. Consistency and fairness: A consistent teacher is the same person on a daily basis and a fair teacher treats her students equally. Flexibility: A flexible attitude is important for your stdents who expect you to be in charge and control of any situation. Lesson plans: Well prepared and organized. Effective communication/listening: by developing a friendly but structured base with your students and make them feel connected to you, is all the more merrier.
They will be content as they will feel more confident to speak up as they know you have met them half way and are actually listening to them. Positive attitude, good problem solving skills and monitoring student progress is essential. Being passionate about teaching and learning is vital in being a successful teacher Self-evaluation and reflection are also vital in creating a successful language learning environment. I find it very helpful to evaluate each lesson on completion, both the good and bad points of the lesson. By doing this we learn by our mistakes and improve on our success.
In a monolingual class I think it’s a great idea to try to learn your students’ language, at least at a basic level. Learning their language and an understanding of language acquisition make their difficulties (especially in pronunciation) easier to identify. Additionally, talking about your own language learning experiences will encourage the students and make you more credible. In the language classroom, tying grammar to real-life settings will help the students see the use of the structure and help them to remember what they’ve learnt. They’ll be inspired to learn if you provide real-life examples and use authentic materials.

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Qualities That Are Important for a Successful Teacher
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