Public Health Disasters & Preparedness


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Public Health Disasters & Preparedness
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  Public Health Disasters & Preparedness     Read through the emergency disasters below. Select one of these scenarios and then complete the following steps: 

Imagine you are the director of FEMA using NIMS when this disaster occurs.

  • Develop a PSA (using either Screencast or video) that informs the  population of what will be done to resolve the issue. Address these  elements in your video:
    • Describe the nature of the situation.
    • Explain what FEMA and others are doing to mitigate the situation.
    • Explain what people need to do to stay safe and/or to get help in order to reduce panic.
  • Your vocal tone should be one that is meant to reduce panic and provide a solid explanation of the above elements.
  • Copy and paste the URL to your video or screencast within your  discussion forum response. If you are unable to create a YouTube video  for this discussion, you may use a screencast program. However, you do  not need to develop a PowerPoint presentation. This discussion is meant  to assess your communication abilities, therefore, the audio portion of  the video and/or screencast is essential. If you elect to use the  screencast option, you may simply use a picture of yourself reporting  the above information in lieu of a PowerPoint.

Questions to think about while formulating your response to the public:

  • What are the issues you will address first?
  • Which organization is responsible for what? Where will you allocate your resources?
  • What public health concerns are the results of each of these events?
  • Which populations might be most at risk?
  • What are some of the long-term health effects of these events?
  • What other health concerns may arise from these events?
  • What will you say to the people, who are desperately awaiting your direction?

Scenario Response Due by Day 7: Imagine that you are  the recipient of the public announcement made by your classmates. In  responding to at least two classmates who used a different scenario than  you, explain how you would respond and react to your classmates’ public  announcement. Do you believe your needs were covered in what the FEMA  director stated? What would you do or say differently?


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