Perform the internet search for  & please answer the following questions:
(Questions 1-2, 5 points each)
1. What are the primary responsibilities of the FSBPT? _   _______  ___________________________________________________________________   __________________   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. How does the FSBPT and the Florida Board of Physical Therapy work together?      ___________________________________________         
(Questions 3-4, 1 pts. each)
3. Does the State of Florida require a jurisprudence exam for PTAs? ___ 
4. What are the dates available for PTA Program graduates to take the NPTE-PTA in 2020? 
_________  ______________________________________________________ _________________________  __________________________________________________________________
5. ESSAY: In order to be eligible to sit for the NPTE and become a licensed PTA in the state of Florida without restrictions, you must be a graduate from a CAPTE accredited PTA Program. Do you think this is important and why? (explain below) (10 points)

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