Psychology of Creativity- The Free Hugs Campaign

For me, the “Free Hugs Campaign” in Sydney basically fits the definition of a creative project mainly because it is simple and did not cost any money at all. The guy who initiated the free hugs campaign by holding up a large sign that says “free hugs” possibly wanted to deliver a simple message that unity or love among everyone doesn’t cost anything at all. And he did so in the clean-cut and down-to-earth way of encouraging people to hug each other or hug him.
I believe that the police attempted to stop the campaign mainly for security purposes. I think that for them, although the premise of hugging a stranger just for fun is appealing, it can pose potential threats to people who might be hugging a mugger, a thief, or a petty criminal since the act requires close contact. But for the most part, I think the police wanted to participate in the campaign and they were possibly only following orders and overseeing the general welfare of the people there.
If there was a similar campaign on campus, I would most probably hug the person. There is no harm in doing so and it doesn’t cost a single cent at all. Besides, I think the campaign is not only an excellent way of spreading simple message but also a great way to meet new people and interact with them. In short, for me, the free hugs campaign would very much be welcome in my campus and I would possibly be one of the first people who would approach the person holding the “free hugs” sign.

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Psychology of Creativity- The Free Hugs Campaign
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