Psychology ch 1

Before completing this discussion, review all the materials posted in the Chapter 1 module. This includes a lecture guide, lecture slides, and two video links. The next step is to visit psychology/” target=”_blank”>DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) 

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Psychology ch 1
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( ) and choose another video in the series to watch. You will have watched videos number 1 and 2 already, so please choose another video to watch from the list (read the brief descriptions and choose one you find interesting). After viewing the video of your choice, please answer the following questions below:

video number 1

 ( ) 

Video number 2 

( ) 

Questions to answer: 

  1.  What video did you choose to watch? What area of psychology was the video about? In 5-7 sentences, please summarize the video.
  2. Please elaborate on any specific facts that you learned from the video that you did not know before watching the video. You may also discuss any misconceptions you held about the topic. Please write 3-5 sentences to explain the new information you learned from the video.
  3. Can you relate any of your behavior to what was described in the video? If not your own behavior, you can choose to discuss the behaviors of your friends, family members, co-worker, etc. I would like you to relate the information in the video to real life. Please write 2-3 sentences for this question.

Please make sure to refer to the names of researchers and the outcomes of their studies from the video as well


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