Complete the following:

Select the presentation that is associated with your program, and click Launch [School] Media to view The Literature Review or Course Paper.  This piece addresses how to write successful literature reviews (course  papers), including their correct structure and organization,  identifying the key challenge of the paper assignment, and properly  constructing a literature review that addresses the key challenge  successfully.
When you have finished studying the presentation, complete the following:

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Locate the final paper you selected for evaluation.
For Self Assessment: Evaluating a Literature Review or Course Paper, click Launch Presentation.  Follow the instructions to evaluate your paper. When you have completed  the self-assessment and received a score, complete the section where  you explain how you will improve your skills. Make sure you indicate, in  the self-assessment, to have the results sent to your e-mail.
As you complete the self-assessment, take notes related to each  question and sub-question, related to your chosen course paper. Write a  synopsis of your assessment.

Post both your synopsis and the results page of the Self-Assessment  to the assignment area so that the instructor can view your results and  provide additional feedback as needed.


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