psych paper

Students will research a career specialization and a professional organization in the field of psychology and complete the following assignment: 
1. Thoroughly research a career specialty area from the lecture:

Give a detailed description of the specialty area (25 points)
the education requirements including degrees, licensing, certification etc. (20 points)
specific job responsibilities (20 points)
population of clients (10 points)
work settings (10 points)
salary includes source and year (10 points)
future job growth (5 points)

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psych paper
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2. Thoroughly research and present an organization related to your specialty area:

Name of the organization and mission and general information (25 points)
membership and fees (10 points)
the two benefits members receive (10 points)

3. In-text citations and reference page following APA (6th ed.) format (5 points)
Answer each question thoroughly. To fulfill the requirements for this assignment the word count should be 550 – 750. Create your response into a word document.  


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