Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Finding opportunities in the Energy Industry


What aspects of the job interest you? What type of upward mobility  does this job provide? Where do you see yourself five or ten years after  you first start the job?
Power and how power is made has always been  of interest to me. Becoming a plant operator is a logical step for me. I  can start out as an apprentice, then operator, senior operator and even  ACO. I see myself in ten years being able to compete for the top  positions in the operations department. 

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Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below. Finding opportunities in the Energy Industry
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What are some of the job responsibilities described for this position?
-Under direct supervision perform all required tasks related to the trade associated with the respective project.
-Work with and assist Operator of a higher grade.
-Under general supervision, perform tasks which the Apprentice has completed and signed off in the Apprenticeship Program.
-Maintain teh cleanliness and housekeeping of workshops and equipment in current work areas.
-Complete  training in the Apprenticeship Program at the pace and knowledge level  prescribed in the Apprentice and Training Standard.

What types of training or education will prepare you for the job?  Once you acquire the job, what type of training or education will  prepare you to advance in your position?
-Must have completed 2  year technical degree (AAS) in Electrical, Mechanical or related field.  This will be complete next week and an apprenticeship examination will  follow. 

Give an example of a work activity which may require the skill sets of multiple crafts mentioned above.

Operates the electric generation, steam and chilled water utility  systems on a continuing basis. Uses plant equipment control systems to  insure operation of all plant systems is within desired parameters and  at the highest possible efficiency.
Completes work as assigned or directed by the Control Room Operator  Leader, Power Plant Operator Assistant Supervisor and/or the Power Plant  Operator Supervisor. Observes work of lower grade wage grade employees  in progress to anticipate and resolve problems. Investigates  work-related problems such as inefficient plant operations and  recommends solutions.
Ensures that all scheduled safety training is completed on time.  Schedules and ensures completion of personal medical surveillance  examinations by the due date, as required by the agency. Provides a  workplace free of recognized hazards and provides employees an avenue to  report unsafe working conditions and/or hazards.
Ensures proper operation of all equipment at all times as directed by  the operating CPP operating permits. Qualify to perform water chemistry  testing and periodically conduct daily water testing when on shift and  adjust chemical treatment systems to ensure that treatment levels are  maintained within specification. Ensures plant chemical treatment  parameters are understood and maintained at all times.
USA Jobs – 2020. 
NYPA jobs – 2020. 


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