Pros and Cons of Taking Turmeric Supplements or Eating Turmeric in Foods

Part 1: (30 points) Please read “How Do You Tell if It’s Nutrition Fact or Nutrition Fiction?” in the textbook, Personal Nutrition, on pages 22–27. Refer to the bulleted questions on pages 23-24 you should ask about a research report while finding your articles.  Find a total of three (3) credible resource articles. 

Locate two credible nutrition articles on the Internet where the audience would be the average consumer. Review the articles and compose a short paragraph about each of these articles stating why you think they are credible.
Locate one professional journal article on Google Scholars,, or EBSCO Host where the audience could be the consumer or for professionals in that field. Compose a short paragraph about why this article is credible.
Be sure to prove why your articles are credible for full credit.

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Pros and Cons of Taking Turmeric Supplements or Eating Turmeric in Foods
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Part 2: (15 points) What did you learn?

Throughout your research of this topic you should have come across the term “peer reviewed.” Please define “peer reviewed” and explain to me why a peer reviewed article is reputable. (5 pts)
Next, compose a paragraph on what you learned from this assignment about evaluating nutrition and scientific resources NOT about your topic. Include information about using, Google Scholars, or EBSCO Host for research. (10 pts)

Part 3: (10 points) The Bibliography
Use proper APA format and create a bibliography of your sources. See *Note below.
Part 4: (25 points) Using Kendall LibGuides and the Kendall Iva M. Freeman Library

How did you use the Kendall Library’s Lib Guides to help you find credible articles on your topic? Develop your answer in 2-3 paragraphs and feel free to interview the library staff for a quote.


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