Project: Weather in the Movies


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Project: Weather in the Movies
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Weather in the Movies

1. Choose a film that contains a weather phenomenon. (You can get many of these movies for FREE from the Salt Lake City or Salt Lake County library systems, and some are also available on Netflix or Amazon Prime)
2. Watch the movie!
3. Choose a weather phenomenon to research (if there is more than one in the film).
4. Use books, news articles, textbooks, and scholarly articles to learn more about the science behind this phenomenon (minimum of three references). Please DO NOT cite Wikipedia pages, though they may be a good start to steer you toward more appropriate references.
5. Write a 500-700 (or more) word blog post or webpage (to be posted directly onto your ePorfolio, a file upload is NOT appropriate) addressing
-How was this film related to weather? How was weather used to move the story forward?
-What is the science behind the phenomenon you chose to research?
-How well or poorly did the film depict the reality of this phenomenon?
6. Make sure you include appropriate graphics/videos, embedded into the post. Also hyperlinks to appropriate pages can be useful as well.
7. At the end of the post make sure you inlcude your references (minimum of three) cited in a consistent style.

Here is an example of a blog analyzing the scientific accuracy of “Gravity”: (Links to an external site.)

Here are some possible films. There are MANY other possibilities. If you have a question about if a film will work, feel free to message me and ask!
-Into the Storm; 2014; Directed by Steven Quale
-The Day After Tomorrow; 2004; Directed by Roland Emmerich
-The Perfect Storm; 2000; Directed by Wolfgang Peterson
-Twister; 1996; Directed by Jan de Bront

For assistance with creating an ePortfolio or putting this assignment on your ePortfolio you can see the ePortfolio Resource Page: (Links to an external site.)

Here is a resource for open content media that you can use. However, still please be sure to always make it clear who or where the image came from: (Links to an external site.)

To hand in the assignment you will submit the URL of the blog post/webpage on your ePortfolio.


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