Project: People, place, process

The Project 

For this project, you are to perform a comparative analysis of three artifacts, one taken from each of the three categories of tool, structure and signs.

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Project: People, place, process
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Douglas DC-3
Wassily chair
French TGV
Chrysler Airflow
Dyson vacuum cleaner (pick one)
Gesterner copyier (Loewy design)


Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles)
Eiffel Tower (Paris)
Arcosanti (Scottsdale)
Guimard Metro station (Paris)
AEG Turbine Factory (P. Behrens design)
Statue of Liberty (New York City)


IBM logo
Nike logo
American Airlines corporate identity (original)
Starbucks logo
Olympic Games logo
AEG logo (P. Behrens design)

The Process

Select one tool, one structure, and one sign from the list provided.
For each artifact, provide a written description for: People, Place and Process. Each description should be between 100 and 200 words in length.
For example, if you select the Wassily chair:

Provide a written description of People (100-200 words): who were its designer, its users, and its maker, and what were one or two of the interconnections between or among them.
Provide a written description of Place (100-200 words): where did the artifact originate and how did this place impact the artifact.
Provide a written description of Process (100-200 words): how and in what ways did the processes, i.e. courses of action taken, impact on the artifact.

Additionally, write a short (250-400 words) narrative summary statement that contextualizes the artifact, i.e. provides a general description as a narrative that weaves People, Place and Process together.
A completed project will have three pages, with each artifact (tool, structure and sign) occupying one page.
Each page (one each for tool, structure and sign) will contain the descriptions for People, Place and Process; the narrative summary; and any necessary images (there should be at least one image for each artifact) into a single graphic layout. The graphic layout should complement the written descriptions.
You also need to document your reference sources. These should appear at the bottom of each of the three individual artifact pages.
Upload a .pdf of your document (20MB maximum). The three pages must be submitted as a single PDF file.


Three artifacts selected from the list; one each from tool, structure and sign.
A written description of People, Place and Process for each artifact. Each written description must be between 100 and 200 words. In total, this will mean nine (9) descriptions.
A written narrative summary for each artifact (tool, structure and sign). Each narrative summary must be between 250 and 400 words. In total, this will mean three (3) narrative summaries, one each for tool, structure and sign.
One image for each artifact (tool, structure and sign). More images can be included but only if they add to the effectiveness of the project.
For each artifact, a graphic layout that combines the three descriptions (People, Place and Process), the narrative summary, the image(s) in an effective way. References must appear at the bottom of each page.
Three pages in all, combined as one PDF.
One PDF file for submission (no more than 20MB in size).


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