project management

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project management
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1. Project Quality Management:

a. Briefly describe the quality items that will be measured during the planning, executing and monitor/control phases of the project. (Identify at least 7 quality items.)

b. Briefly explain and justify the measurable items and units of measure in a Quality Definition Table. 

c. Present the final Quality Definition Table developed for quality management. 

d. Provide a summary and analysis of the outcome. 

e. Other information related to Quality Management: 

• Change control processes 


• Total Quality Management 

• Six Sigma

• Cost Benefit Analysis – cost-benefit tradeoffs 

• Benchmarking – comparing actual with others 

• Design of Experiments – statistical method for developing optimal conditions 

• Cost of Quality (COQ) – cost incurrent for preventing non-conformance 

• Additional quality planning tools – such as matrix diagrams, etc. 

• Quality Management Plan – how it will be done and addresses 

• Quality 
control and quality assurance (if relevant) 

• Group Work Activities 

 Brainstorming

 Benchmarking

 Charting processes

 Ranking

 Defining control

 Undertaking Benefit/Cost Analysis

 Processes that limit and/or indicate variation 

 Control charts

 Flowcharts

 Histograms

 Pareto charts

 Scattergrams

 Run charts

• Others

 Validity of the methodology

 Change management approaches and strategies

 Adherence to review and acceptance procedures 

 Resolution of emerging issues
o Monitoring of progress

 Engaging appropriate project personnel and skills  

 Maintenance of documentation and records

 Outputs that meets agreed customer requirements  

 Adherence to budget within time and cost

 Quality metrics – how it will be measured

 Process improvement plan


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