profile the target market(s) for your product.

Please choose a product. In 1-2 pages, profile the target market(s) for your product. Discuss how the company that makes your product probably segments the market, and what characteristics describe the target market(s) for your product. You should include characteristics such as:  Demographic groups and descriptors – be specific! Not “old” or “young” but “18-24” or “Generation Y.” Do not tell me “everyone.”  Geographic location – think about not only country or region, but urban/suburban/rural, or if your product appeals to a particular local market. Do not be generic. Do not say “everywhere.”  Psychographics – this will probably be the richest and longest portion of your profile and could be directly linked to one of the two above. Make sure that your target market profile explicitly describes how the characteristics that you have listed translate into differences in buyer behavior and needs, wants, and preferences. What specific buying or consumption behaviors do your target market(s) exhibit? What specific needs and wants do they have? Are they defined in part by when, where, why, or how they purchase or use your product? If you would like to write your profile as bullet points instead of paragraphs, that is fine. Be sure you have answered all parts to the assignment.

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profile the target market(s) for your product.
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