Professional Experience #4


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Professional Experience #4
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(Assignment #4).

Create  an outline (see below for guidelines) for your Week 8 presentation  based on Week 6’s PowerPoint presentation (a video preview is available  under the Week 7 tab in Blackboard). You may use the provided  Presentation Outline Sample posted in OneDrive or develop a different  outline on your own. Save your file as Your_Name_Presentation_Outline.  Leave the “Comments” column blank. After you have completed your  presentation outline, upload it to the “Completed Outlines” folder on  OneDrive.

Finally,  submit your outline file to Blackboard to the Week 7 Professional  Experience #4 link. That will prompt your instructor to review your  outline. 

Outline Guidelines

Create  an outline of your presentation in Word or Excel.  Focus on short  bullet points and key things that you want to say (in either your audio  or video recording for Week 8).  An example is posted for you in the  Week 7 OneDrive folder (link provided). You may choose to use that  outline format or create your own for this Professional Experience.

This  is a pass/fail assignment.  All elements must be completed (simulating  the workplace where incomplete work is unacceptable) for credit.  You  cannot receive partial credit.  

Use the attached Power Point Presentation Below..


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