Privacy violation

In either case, a collective database system would be a valuable asset. Firstly, if the system were integrated with both federal and commercial systems, intelligence agencies would have an overwhelming amount of information. Secondly, since there’s so much information data mining is a must. OLAP, or OnLine Analytical Processing, is synonymous with data mining. The drawbacks of the system relate to abuse and misuse, the human factor. If the system is controlled only by designated and qualified individuals, not simply any federal authority, then the cost to privacy is somewhat minimised.
Assuming there are the right controls in place to monitor the uses of the system, the degradation to personal privacy is kept at a minimum. In the end, such system has so much potential that the cost of personal privacy is an acceptable price to pay. This notion of fixing a security flaw after it becomes a problem won’t work on the Internet. Attacks can be automated,and they can propagate to unskilled attacks quickly and easily. It is not enough to react to fraud after its been demostrated to work, we have to be proactive and deal with fruad before it happens.
We have to think about protecting data that can cause harm, rather than about protecting all data. We desperately need a core of privacy, but that word will be redefined year by year by agile citizens. We’ll learn to pick and choose a few secrets. Conclusion In conclusion, we all know without some privacy, we couldn’t stay human. But we’ll be better equipped to defend a core of essential privacy if our overall civilization is open enough to let us catch the Peeping Toms and power abusers.

Better, more intrusive technology is going to limit our ability to stay anonymous. In 5 or 10 years, you’ll have eyeglasses that scan any face on the street, look it up on the Internet, and provide captions as you walk by. This will be a return to the village of our ancestors, where they recognized everyone they saw. No one will be a total stranger. Different security technologies have important place in an overall security solution. Privacy violations can easily lead to fraud, whatever data can be exploited, someone will tri it, computers or no computers.
As Whitfield Diffie has said ‘No right of private conversation was enumerated in the constitution’ we don’t suppose it occurred to anyone at that time that it could be prevented. The ability to have a private conversation, like the ability to keep your thoughts in your head, was a natural consequence of how the world worked. Technology had demolished that world view, powerful directional microphones can pick up conversation hundreds of yards away. It is plausible that we could soon be living in a world without expectation of privacy, anywhere or at anytime.

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Privacy violation
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