Prewriting and Organizing The Informative/Positive News Letter

Prewrite and Complete the Letter Draft
The important steps.
1. Complete the prewriting for the informative/positive news letter:

You may print the prewriting page and jot notes on it for yourself, or you may write notes on your own.
You do not have to submit prewriting for any points, but don’t skip this important step!

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Prewriting and Organizing The Informative/Positive News Letter
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2. Complete a draft of the informative/positive news letter:

Choose one of the following human resource cases from Module 10 in your textbook: 10.14, or 10.17. If the exercise says write a memo, write a letter. Also address your letter to a specific individual of your own choosing: real or created.
 There are five boxes: main point, details, negatives, reader benefits, and goodwill ending.
Think of each one of these boxes as being an individual paragraph with the exception of the negatives.
Instead of an individual paragraph for the negatives, combine the negatives (if any exist) in with the reader benefits. Hence, your letter will contain four paragraphs:

State the positive news. Summarize the main points (3-4 lines in length).
Provide details and explain fully. Elaborate on the summary in the first paragraph (5-7 lines in length).
Discuss benefits to the reader. If negatives exist, present them compactly in the middle of the paragraph and link the negatives with the reader benefits (5-7 lines in length).
Goodwill ending. One or two positive, forward looking statements (2-3 lines in length).

Important Formatting Information! – Print a copy of your letter before you submit it online. Make sure your letter is in 12 point type with the correct spacing. Don’t let the close (the Sincerely, and your name) go to a second page; you can adjust the top and bottom margin so the close can fit on the same page, but do make sure you have at least a 1 inch margin on the sides.


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