Today in our modern society cheating in school is growing at a rapid rate, but who is to blame, is it the school system is it students or is it the teachers. I strongly believe that it is not only the student’s fault but the school systems as well. To begin, cheating among students has rapidly increased. The numbers are crazy; statically 2 out of every 3 kids have cheated on a test, homework, ect. “Cheating in school is rampant and getting worse 64% of students cheated on a test in the past ear and 38% did so too or more times up from 60% to 35% in a 2006 survey'(David Crary).
Which raises the question why are so many students cheating. Its not like they don’t know everybody knows that cheating is wrong, you learned that as a kid and you constantly here it till you are out of school. I believe that students cheat because they want a good grade and that they don’t trust themselves enough to write down what they think when they can Just look over there shoulder and get an answers they think s better than theirs so they can get a good grade, because in this day and age the difference of one A or B can mean a good collage or a great one.
As the demand for higher educated people grows so does the pressure and that’s why students cheat, because they can easily take a C, D, or even an F if they wanted to and not cheat, but their logic is why get a easy F when you can gets a easy A. Next is the school system and how it works, and how I believe it greatly impacts and influences the students of are modern generation to cheat.

To explain, are school ystem is revolving around grades and scores and if you get a A then you are considered smart and you fully understand the topic and are more likely to get accepted into a good school, but since we are seeing so many students cheat because of this system that we are initially hurting are generation and really only making more of are generation not as smart as the previous generations. Part of the reason high school students cheat is to get into a good University, but as the universities get more competitive and raise their standards even higher it really nfluences and pressures us high school students to cheat.
So we can do good and initially get into the universities we want. I believe we should change the school systems to a system were there are no grades and we should Just focus on trying to make are students understand the material as opposed to Just getting a good score not knowing if the student understand the material of Just cheated to get a good grade to pass on to the next grade and initially get into a good University later on in his or her future. pressure By sammy2314

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