Presidential candidate

For an individual to run for presidency in the United States of America, there are some of the requirements that he/she has to meet. They include: the requirement of the individual to be a natural born citizen of the United States. The requirements for one to be considered a US citizen are scrutinized before he/she is allowed to contest for presidency. Immigrants no matter the period they have lived in the US can not be allowed to contest for presidency.

Children who are born outside America by American parents are considered eligible to run for the presidential position but it is a requirement that they should have lived in the country (US) for a minimum of 14 years before they run for the office. This is so because of the need of the president to be familiar with general issues facing the population as a whole (Michael, 2009). Majority of people expect the candidate to be of good moral standing. Therefore the morals and ethics of the presidential aspirants are put under scrutiny particularly by the opponents.

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Presidential candidate
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This could prove to be difficult for an individual whose character had been compromised in one way or the other during his/her earlier life. Other aspects that could give an individual a better opportunity of winning in elections is experiences that he/she has had. Many of citizens vote for individuals who have had an opportunity to serve the public in any capacity and have shown his outstanding leadership skills. This shows that the individual the candidate has the experience and the capacity to deal with related positions (Robert, 2006).
All US presidents have been white males possibly because of the cultural believes and practices that did not provide a level playing ground to both male and female. Majority of the US population is comprised of whites and considering the racial discrimination against immigrants that existed, it could not be possible for an immigrant to run for presidency. The US constitution also prohibits immigrants from running for presidency there fore the only people who were in a position of becoming presidents were male whites (Michael, 2009).
Laws governing qualifications for presidency should be reviewed so that they can be able to provide a level playing ground to both male, female and immigrants who are legal Citizens of the US. A constitutional perfect presidential aspirant should posses the following qualities which could ensure that there is no division between democrats and the republicans or any other party: He/she should clean and blameless such that his history when traced should not be a questionable one.
His/her record should be one that characterized by biasness based on tribe, gender, race color, creed or any other factor that can be considered discriminatory. He/she should be married for at least ten years. This will ensure that the individual has what it takes to handle matters involving pressure because if the individual is able to manage his family for that long despite numerous challenges associated with family, then he can be able to handle pressure that can come about with his position as president.
He should remain alert to guard the country against attack by enemies. He should be able to defend the country through actions. He should be an individual with the interests of each and every person in society at heart. He should not be easily manipulated by individuals or organizations (Robert, 2006). He should also be an individual with excellent behavior with good hospitality. Should be friendly, warm, humble, loving to other people and also kind. He should have the ability to learn and teach others either literally or through actions.
He should not be using any drug whether legal or illegal as it may interfere with his judgment ability. He should not have characters that may bring out a negative impression about him such as walking out on people. Should be patient and without greed, without jealous or envy and he should be able to bring up a morally upright family. It should also include the current requirements but the clause that locks out immigrants from running for presidency should be done away with.
Sections like the one with the age limit of a candidate should also be retained because they will ensure that the individual has enough experience before he/she is entrusted to lead the country. Political experience should be a must because it will be through that experience that he will know how things are run in the government and make necessary amendments to poor policies. The type of work that the individual is involved in should not be a factor in determining the qualities because there have been successful presidents in the History of America who had humble jobs like Jimmy Carter who was a peasant (Robert, 2006).
These qualities will help the candidate to effectively run the government because such a candidate will be able to win the confidence and support of the citizen aspects that are considered to be important for successful governance. References Robert J. P. (2006). Qualifications and Attributes to become the President of the United States of America, http://www. lulu. com/items/volume_12/244000/244718/1/print/244718. pdf Michael, T. (2009). The Contemporary Presidency: Constitutional Reform and the Presidency: The Recent Effort to Repeal the Natural-Born Citizen Requirement. Presidential Studies Quarterly, Vol. 39,


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