Practicum 3

Module three covers the development of written communication, writing conventions and developing an instructional environment that supports the reading-writing connection.  To demonstrate your knowledge in this area you will complete the following:

Assess a student’s writing sample to identify strengths and weaknesses in the student’s writing process.
Design a mini-lesson that will move the student forward in their writing development.

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Practicum 3
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To complete the practicum you will need:

Practicum 3 Instruction Sheet.pdf:   This sheet includes instructions, three student writing samples and the writing rubric needed to assess the student writing sample.

Module 3 Practicum Exemplar.pdf: Includes a student writing sample, the assessment of the writing listing the student’s writing strengths and weaknesses, and a complete mini-lesson description.

Practicum 3 Rubric.pdf : The rubric will be used to assess this practicum and assign a grade. Use this rubric as a guide as you complete this practicum.


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