political science essay

Write a four page (approximately 1200-1300 words) typewritten paper. Be sure that it is in 12 point Times New Roman (or Cambria) font and double-spaced. 

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political science essay
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You may only use notes from class discussion, class lectures, and The Politics. Keep direct quotation to a minimum (less than 10% of the paper). Citation, direct and indirect, should refer only to Bekker line numbers (e.g., 1297a1). 

In responding to this prompt, be sure to structure your paper properly. Use direct text to provide evidence for claims that you make and to further your analysis. And, choose something from the first essay to improve upon. 

When sending the file, please title the file with your name and course number (e.g. Cruz267)


Aristotle begins his analysis of politics from the empirical moment of now, a particular historical contingency of a people. This leads him to an appreciation of the best regime possible. Given his account of man as a political animal, how does he argue that the mixed polity is the best regime possible? Moreover, how does Aristotle’s account of speech as essential to realizing a political partnership allow him to appreciate the many, the plurality of people? 

Grading will be based on thoughtfulness, logical connection of quoted text with what’s available from what we’ve read & discussed, what I perceive as reflectiveness in regards to your answer to the prompts, quality of interpretation, and quality of writing. 


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