For this week’s discussion board, I want to reflect on the previous pages in this module.  
In this discussion board, I want to you to show an understanding of the material covered in the previous pages.  Please use the terminology or ideas presented in the previous pages.  Failure to do so, will result in a low discussion board grade.  
This discussion board will focus on one topic: the Electoral College.  A few pages have discussed the Electoral College, one from last week and one from this week.  This week also included two videos which you should watch as well.  
1.) One of the questions that often gets asked is whether your vote actually matters in the Electoral College system.  Considering the role of electors and the influence “swing states” have, do YOU believe this is a fair system AND do you believe it should be abolished in favor of a pure popular vote? 
2.) One of the often cited problems with the Electoral College is that someone can win the presidency yet not receive the most number of votes throughout the country.  This happened in 2016 when President Trump received fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.  However, President Trump won more states than Clinton did (he won 30 states, she won 20).  This leads some to argue that the Electoral College can actually be MORE fair than a straight popular vote, because it forces a candidate to do well throughout the country.  Those same people argue that the Electoral College protects small states and forces candidates to do well in those states as well.  Do you agree with these arguments and do you believe Trump winning the presidential election was fair or unfair considering he did not receive the most number of votes?  
Your FIRST post should be a minimum of 200 words. 

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