Policy Brief 4 Environmental & Energy Policy

Policy Briefs
Attached Files:

 Policy Brief Instructions (16.259 KB)
 Finding Legislation (388.949 KB)
 Policy Brief Template (20.299 KB)
 Policy Analysis Graduate Rubric (23.502 KB)
 Policy Brief Rough Draft (23.984 KB)
 Policy Brief Sample-Final (20.574 KB)
 Should Government Be Involved (139.714 KB)
 The United States Constitution (340.828 KB)

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Policy Brief 4 Environmental & Energy Policy
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Please click here to watch a short presentation on the relationship between the Discussion Board assignments and the Policy Briefs. 
Below are some presentations for each facet of the May-Can-Should analysis.  They are all relatively short presentations which you can review individually as needed:

Defining the Problem
May: Biblical
May: Constitutional

Assistance with APA
Attached Files:

 Sample APA Paper 6th Ed. (2.003 MB)

Please use the attached Sample APA paper as a guide as you watch the two presentations below:

A brief over of an APA paper: this video will actually take you through the sample APA paper to identify the key requirements.
Running header tips: Here is a brief tutorial.  This is the largest area of concern, which is frustrating for everyone because it is needlessly difficult.  That is why the policy brief and research paper templates are already set up to be correct. But this video will tell you how to modify the running head on pages 1 and 2 of your briefs and final paper.


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