pol 115

 use book American government senior contributing author glen klutz university of oklahoma openstax     i need a response  to this question in app formate  and then two replies to this question as well 

Week 1 Objectives
In Week 1, we are learning about the philosophical background of the US Constitution and how the American system of government was designed as a federal republic based on the principles of representative democracy. Prior to the start of the American Revolution, the Founders agreed on some core principles that necessitated the independence of the colonies from the British Monarchy.  
We are also learning about the representative democracy and the US system of representation, including what constitutes citizen engagement, and theories about how representation works.
Classroom Discussion 
Post a total of three substantive responses over two separate days for full participation.

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pol 115
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What is a Substantive Post? A substantive post is 150 to 200 words and is Your Insight + Example From Your Experience/Current Event + Facts/Supporting Evidence/Sources + Reference = Substantive 
The grading rubric found in the side bar explains the grading standard for participation points.

minimum of 175 words:
1.    American Principles: List at least four core principles of the American Revolution. How do these core principles apply in our modern federal republic? As you further reflect on the nature of a federal republic, what is federalism and how is a republic different from direct democracy? What is the purpose of a federal republic?

in apa formate 


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