Poetry Analysis Jabberwocky

Give some ex. males. Very realistic and descriptive imagery. ‘The furious Bandleader’s” 9. Does the poem have meter? If so, what is it? NO. 10. Does your poem have a rhyme scheme? Ifs, what sit? The lilting rhythm Of “Jawbreakers” helps the narrator’s cause. It makes the p memo easy to remember, and it keeps the story moving forward at a regular clip. 1 1 . What other sound devices(alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia) have be en included byte poet? Give examples of each.
All the exclamation points in the middle are what give our storyteller his cues to gesticulate wildly at us while relaying the epic battle, and so even though the rhythm stay s constant, we have some good changes in volume. ” Beware the Jawbreaker my son! ” “A d burbled as it came! ” 12. What figures of speech are included ( metaphor,simile, personification, why parole, metonymy, apostrophe, etc. )? Include examples and explain the effect each o en has on your understanding and appreciation of the poem. Speaking of volume, and wonderful uses onomatopoeia. Snickering! ” “who piffling” “galumphing” and “chortled” 13. What is the mood Of this poem? Explain your answer. Violence, Perseverance, Men and Masculinity, Good v. Evil, and Men and the N trial World. 14. Identify words which have a connotative meaning which help to clarify the author’s tone. Explain each example. Beware the Jujube bird, and shun the furious Bandleader’s! ” “He left it dead d, and with its head he went galumphing back. ” 15. What is the author’s tone (his or her attitude toward the subject?
He is warning and than triumphant. 16. Explain the significance of the poem’s title. To hence the fact that the poem is pure nonsense . 17. Write a paragraph in which you briefly summarize the poem. The poem begins with a description of the setting and continues into an after noon, with strange, monounsaturated milling around and making noises. Then, we have some dialogue. A father tells his son to beware of something called a “Jackbooted” hat lurks in the woods and has horrible claws and teeth.

There’s also some other nasty stuff out there – the “Jujube bird” and the “Bandleader’s”. The son takes his sword and goes out looking for these creatures, and finally finds and kills the Jawbreakers. Upon r turning with the creature’s head, the father is overjoyed and they celebrate. The first s Tanta repeats, and things appear to return back to normal. 18. Based on your analysis, what do you think is the authors purpose in writing g this poem? That is, what universal truth does he/she want to share with his/ her readers (theme)? Over coming your fears.

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Poetry Analysis Jabberwocky
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