Please complete and submit steps 7–8 of the Financial Analysis Report

Complete the following steps dues now in Unit 3:   

7. Go to: Research EDGAR’s database for additional SEC report filings: 8-k, 10-Q.  

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Please complete and submit steps 7–8 of the Financial Analysis Report
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8. The following table is the type of Excel or Word table that should be used to gather and report the ratio and financial performance data that reflect the most current full year’s annualized financial ratio data. Note the 5 financial diagnostic categories that should be used in your analysis. Use 2–3 ratios per diagnostic category. Place your ratio calculations in the table for your selected companies — primary company and benchmark competitor. Using 5 diagnostic categories, and 3 ratios to assess each category, report the 15 ratio measures per company that will be compared side by side.   

• To validate your research, use the most current year’s annualized financial ratio data. 

 Use the existing table provided or create a table in Word or Excel. There are many different ratios that you can use. Here are some examples. a. Liquidity of short-term assets: Current, Quick, Cash Ratios; b. Long-term debt-paying ability: Long-term Debt/Equity, Interest Coverage, Debt service, Time Interest Earned Ratios; c. Profit: Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Net Margin, ROA, ROE; d. Asset utilization/management efficiency: Inventory turnover, Day Sales inventory, Receivables turnover, Fixed asset turnover, Total asset turnover ratios; e. Market measures: P/E, PEG, Dividend yield, P/B.


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